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I'm not sure how or where to start

I need to find some online dating advice websites that are legit and places that I can call a hotline or ask a question regarding certain things in my relationship and be given advice. I'm am on this site because if I don't find some how to get relationship help that works I'm going to end up losing the man I love. I am depressed and I have been. I need help please.

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Could you ask your doctor about anything perhaps? Sorry, I don't know any dating advice sites. Not sure am much of an expert either but if I am struggling with things in relation to my partner and myself I try to talk to him and try hard to listen to him. Not always successful when feelings are involved, but I hope he knows I'm trying


You need to take care of yourself first, and an improved relationship will follow. If you focus on the relationship there is a good chance you will loose it, and you will be worse off too.

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