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Pregnant and depressed


I suffer from depression n am pregnant..th father of my child wants nthng to do wth m n th baby bcoz his family doesnt approve of m to b his wyf...now am here thinkng hw am gonna go thru wth this..being a single mom and hw is my baby gonna behave without a father in th picture..am i ever gonna find luv...whose gonna luv m wen i hve a child...wl i find a decent man.....i hve thot of suicide bt th feeling tht my baby cld b sme1 one day kips me going

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Sorry you are suffering depression in your pregnancy. I went down that road and know it is strange and miserable, to bad the father does not participate, he will owe you money for the baby, do not let him slide by. I would look for a support group in your area - go online and look, ask your Dr. Do not look for a man at this time, you need all your strength for you and the baby. You may be able to take a mild short term antidepressant to get you thru this, again talk with your Dr.

As far as someone loving you, that is a big Yes. I have a niece who had a child (in her teens) eventually she met a nice man, they married, child (cannot remember his name) was adopted by her new husband, they went on to have 3 more children. There are a lot of single mothers out there and they are happy, some do not want a husband. So please do not beat yourself up, no guilt, only love yourself and give yourself compassion it is a tough world, but there's many nice people who will help you. Write to us we are a large group and we look out for each other. I send you love, patience, hugs, and peace.Sprinkle 1

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Thnk u so much sprinkle1....God bless


hi I'm sorry to read of your situation.what about your family for support forgive me if I'm wrong but you sound kinda young.if your ex don't want to be involve that's a shame and something he will regret later in life.mabe hes not man enough to be a dad or hes just scared of the thought.donthave any fall outs with anyone stay foccussed on your health for you and your baby to be.things will change but you should get support.please don't think of harming yourself your little baby is innocent and deserves a life just like you do too.any love you need in the short term will be from your family and more importantly your baby.ive brought my partners kid since he was 5 month old he is now 8 year old.not all guys are bad.focuss on your health and the health of your baby.please seek some support to help you in the coming weeks and months.


Thnx kenster1 i feel much btr


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