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Seeking help and suggestion for major depression


Hi all, I am suffering from depression more than 5 years now. it started with anxiety disorder. I am on medication since then,initially I responded to medicine well but for the last 2 years I am not responding and my mind has become too slow and now I am feeling like losing control on my body or my mind and body coordination is getting weak. I have tried 2 or 3 psychiatrist but now no medicine seems to work on me.

Please help and suggest

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Are you seeing a therapist? It’s been my experience that medication alone is not the answer.

Hi There are a lot of medication out there sometimes the oldies are goodies . As I like to say it’s just a matter of the right cocktail ! You should continue to try meds and don’t give up . Find yourself a good therapist and work with them ! Also positive affirmations help ! Good Luck !

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