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Feeling rejected


So this morning I woke up feeling a little anxious but I tried my best not to give in to those thoughts. So I went about my morning and the feelings just wouldnt go away. I started to feel really anxious and overwhelmed with emotions. I had a dream the night before of my bf cheating on me and I didnt sleep very well which is why I think my anxiety was a little worse then usual. Since I had that dream I reached out to him to talk just so maybe he could provide some comfort or reassuarnce but he is also battling his own anxiety and depression and wasnt in a state to make me feel better. I called him but he didnt answer and then he texted me to let me know he needed some alone time. That automatically sent me in panic and negative self talk mode. My mind started to think that he didnt want me anymore and didnt want to be around me. I felt rejected and as if I wasnt good enough for him to turn to in his time of need. My thought is if I turn to him in my time of need why cant he or wont he do the same? After he told me he needed to be alone I tried to take a step back and remind myself that not everyone thinks the same way I do. I am trying to build a strong bond with him but maybe he sees it as me being needy. I see it as us leaning on one another in good or bad times. I told him I would give him his space but that if he needed me I was here. So in the mean time I reached out to a few of my good friends who also deal with anxiety for some comfort. They both were able to offer some advice and help me put my thoughts into perspective. I seem to create problems that dont exist and then end up believing they are true.

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Yours was a dream. Brought about by your anxiety. He didn’t have that same dream. I think you have some very good friends there! I’ve had similar dreams and know how real they can be. I’m glad you have those good friends that can talk to you in your time of need.

You were going through a great deal of thinking and worry.

Maybe an "Are WE ok?" to him might result in a text or call of "yes" back and ease your mind a bit. xx

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