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Move IN Day!


I move into my apartment this morning. I’m anxious, excited, overwhelmed and overjoyed. I love my parents but I just can’t live with them. My dad explained that this is so we can have a healthy relationship and I can come over anytime I want but can leave if it gets to be too much. I have 4 younger siblings that consume my parents time like crazy, understandably, but I never have someone to turn to. This way I can have my parents attention by “visiting”. And that way they talk to me and I get the time I need. It’s hard being the oldest child. I wish things were different. BUT! I’m an adult and need to learn to be on my own. My parents and I are doing stuff for college this week (fasfa, housing, meal plan, etc.)so it’s a good start to moving forward!! I’ll be sure to post updates. I start work tomorrow and have 40 hours this week. Everything is going as it should 😊

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congrates Madysen019, you should be very proud of yourself....your are a good example to many here that if we try, it can happen.

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