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long term depression/anxiety

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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and joined because I really need some support. I don't know what to do anymore when it comes to my mental health. I have been dealing with severe depression for the past 8 years. No matter how great things appear to be going in my life, I always feel empty and sad and alone and like there is no meaning in anything.The past few months it has gotten really bad. I stopped interacting with almost everyone, and spend most of my time laying in bed. I just feel like I have been fighting so long against myself and i just don't know what to do. I have such bad anxiety on top of it that it prevents me from getting out and doing the things that I know might make me feel better. Does anyone else ever feel like this? Thanks guys<3

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Hi lauren9177, unfortunately, this is what happen to all of us when mental health issues tend to go on for a long time. The feelings build as there seems to be no stopping the emotions. When anything new happens, it compounds adding more stress. There needs to be a break in this circle of fear and depression either through medication and therapy as well finding your own methods that can reduce the stress.

The empty and sad feeling that exists sounds like a chemical imbalance which can only be taken care of through medication. In the past 8 years, what has your doctor tried in breaking this cycle so that you can start going forward. That is the first step. The forum will support and comfort you in helping you take the steps one at a time. In can be done. Stay positive. xx

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Thank you <3

Hi Lauren, we all have this inner critic who loves telling us stories that are untrue. These thoughts keep me stuck in misery. I say this because I need to remember to challenge my thoughts. I was just listening to someone speak about what is the payoff for being stuck in anxiety/depression. My initial response was that there is no payoff for experiencing such pain. After I though about it I realized that this depression and anxiety has become my constant story. I can’t do that because I’m too anxious, what if this depression gets worse will it kill me and if so what about my family who will care for them. Those are examples of what my inner critic loves to say. It has become a constant story. This story stops me from enjoying everything which has lead to not interacting with anyone. What helps me is not having any sugar, cut the caffeine, cardio one hour a day,meditation, focusing on the here and now ( find some gratitude even if that means being great full for clean cloths) prayer, journaling and word puzzles. All of these things help to ease the pain. Put the time into yourself and be gentle. You can do all the same things I do, just do it!!! Most of all be kind to yourself and praise all of your accomplishment..

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Thank you so much. I really need to try the exercising idea. I have told myself for the past year that I will go and I never do. I don't eat much so I never have energy to go to the gym

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Are you ok with a protein smoothie. That will give you the energy to get moving. It really is helpful...you got this

I recommend eating as many vegetables and fruit as you can.

I have been researching long term severe depression. An adult child of mine is dealing with it. I really believe that in addition to any emotional trauma there is a physical component of it. In my research on depression the articles also talk about how inflammation and the immune system play a role in depression. Depression is a physical problem too.

Try to feed your body with nutrient rich unprocessed food. Instead of bananas have a bowl of berries.. or a smoothie. I use aloe vera gel liquid in our family smoothies.. instead of milk as it will improve your digestion. If you are trying to gain weight avocados are healthy and a great addition to smoothies and salads... etc.

They say that a large part of the immune system is related to your gut. If improving your immune system helps depression then it is a good place to start.

I also believe that following your doctors advice with regards to medications is important too. The food and exercise are in addition to regular therapy!

Tons of hugs and prayers!

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Hi lauren9177, so sorry to hear what you are going thru. I am 63 and have been depressed a good part of my life. I have 5 grown children. 12 years ago it all came to head. I suffered a heart attack and could not work. We had to sell the house.My wife and I ended up having too ask two of my children to leave. That by itself defeated me. Like you said sleeping 15 hours or more and with no hope of getting any better. My days would start late afternoon. Finally my wife brought me to the ER. From there I had my 1'st hospitalization. If you can ask a friend to drive you to the nearest hospital, they may be able to help. You can always call the ER and ask them to help. I know that asking a friend or even a family member can be so difficult. If you look into your local phone book, there should be a 800 number you can call and talk to them. I know that all of this can be oh so difficult. If you are a member of a local church. Call the office and they may have a clergyman help you. I have had had 5 hospitalization. You may need some type of anti depressing. And some type of counseling, would definitely help. This will be with me the rest of my life. But having a good support system helps so much. You have taken the first step by finding this forum. I wish you all the luck in the world. Always remember you are not alone in this battle. Take Care, I hope that this helps. I found this forum about a month ago. It has helped me so much.

I feel like that a lot.. Its not a nice feeling, but you will get through this I know you will! I will be praying for you and your anxiety, i need to make a prayer book of all requests from people or something to help me remember who to pray for. I find myself laying in bed a lot to because theres nothing else I enjoy doing lol and its hard to find motivation to do things when I feel so depressed I get so exhausted easily, I need to start working out or something to keep me busy. Have you tried using an essential oil diffuser? I find those calm me down a lot!

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That's exactly how i feel! And no i haven't! I need to try that

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