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Very anxious.. help


So tomorrow I flight to South America.. I am going to see my parents. I am so anxious.. my back hurts so much. I had a physical exam last week and everything looks fine and all blood work is normal but I keep feeling that I am going to drop dead...

I guess I am really frustrated today that the doctor says I am healthy and I still feel so crappy. And to make things worse I was online and read and article of a healthy 43 year old that had a heart attack and that made my anxiety even higher.

I do really try to have a positive attitude but days like this make me feel so defeated.

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When I was a teenager, I used to get vague chest pains every so often, and it really scared me. I was checked out by my doctor, who assured me that my heart was fine. I'm now 62, and I haven't had those pains for decades.

If your doctor said your heart is OK, then why not focus on having a pleasant flight?

Thanks so much... I'm really trying

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