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Brand New & Exhausted

Hi I am new to this, my supervisor at work actually recommended this site. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic disorder for the last 11yrs and I am EXHAUSTED!!! Today I broke down in my supervisors office after she told me that I seemed tired and like I was holding back. The past month has been especially hard for me. I've been triggered by everything and anything it seems like. I've been on autopilot, in a complete brain fog. Some days are easier than others but every damn day I deal with the dizziness, lightheaded, confusion, fear, phobias etc.. I hide behind my makeup and online filters but inside I am suffering. I find temporary pleasure in things and then my thoughts creep in and almost laugh and say SIKE, anxiety & panic again!

I had 2 sessions with a psychologist this week and I don't feel it's going to work out. I feel as though she is not listening, is not focus & is more interested in finishing her case notes. This is the most other than my melt down in my supervisors office that I have been able to share my frustrations and anger at this damn illness that has so much control of my life.

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I understand, this is exhausting. I did therapy also once but because I am high functioning anxiety she did not really get how crappy I felt. I am so tired of this winter, I need to stop being cold all the time and walk outside. I am so afraid and anxious about everything that I do really get you. Hope you feel better soon.

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I can relate the panic attacks. I have them all the time, mostly at night. I feel like I can't breathe and my chest feels tight. It really sucks so I am sorry that you have them too!

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