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Borderline personality disorder

I believe that I very well may be suffering from borderline personality disorder. I read up a lot on it and it sounds like me. Years ago I went to a psychiatrist with my mom and against my wishes she spoke to the doctor and that's what he diagnosed me with. I did not accept it because it was done behind my back. Now that I am older and see the life that is in ruins it seems very plausible... Many relationships are affected or ruined and I suffer greatly. Can anyone offer any advice or help?

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I’m so sorry you’re having to go through such a painful time in your life.

What behaviors are you noticing that lead you to believe you have Boarderline Personality Disorder? Can you give some recent examples.... that might help us help you😊

Many hugs and prayers for you~🙏😊


No one has time for me anymore and it's extremely painful. If I feel rejected by anyone I take it very,very harshly and I react vindictively.


I have diagnosed BPD so more than happy to talk through your symptoms


So sad you are going through this! I'm here for you! Love & a big warm hug!


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