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So I'm new here and as I'm writing this, I'm having an anxiety attack, but hey pushing through it. I just need some help. I'm a college freshman in my second semester, I'm a Pre-Vet major so either way, it's really hard to handle everything.

I am literally terrified of failing at college. It feels like once I'm ahead of myself, I eventually get pushed back, and I want nothing more than to become a veterinarian. I thought about dropping out for at least a year, just so I could take a break, but if I do that, I lose my scholarship that I can't get back. I'm already on the verge to lose it because of my grades. Even if I do drop out, I'll be the biggest disappointment to my family ever. I just need to tell someone this, besides my counselor. I went to college thinking I could get a 4.0 GPA easily, just like my cousin did...nope, and he rubs that in my face every day.

Someone just tell me I'm not crazy, because I honestly feel like I do to a certain extent.

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YOU'RE NOT CRAZY! The feelings and emotions that you are experiencing are completely normal. We all want to be and feel accomplished. Remember that success is just a bunch of failing attempts. Pace yourself, take your time, you can and will be a veterinarian. So much of our anxiety comes from the pressure that we put on ourselves. We fail to realize that it isn't the circumstances of life that are causing our pain but our thoughts. We have to learn to work with our thoughts so we can heal. I am slowly learning about meditation and they teach these exact ideas, this may be a good place to start. Take a step back and see that you are doing the best you can and your best is acceptable. Stay positive!


Your first year of college is the hardest. I was on academic probation my 2nd semester and by junior year, was on the Dean’s list with a full schedule, as many units as I could take, in graduate level classes. Why? Cause I found the right major and was studying what I LOVED. You may not be taking those classes yet as a freshman. Give yourself a break and talk with an advisor. If you said to them what you wrote above, they would not take away your scholarship. You’re going to be great. It’s a bit of a pressure cooker in college, filling you up with ideas, but then you take that with you for life. Enjoy the next years of school and soak it up and work hard. All your efforts will be repaid when you’re doing a job you love and making a difference in the world!!

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