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Stressful Days


So guys. Hello. This is my first post here. I was searching "how to cure depression and stress" and this website showed up.

It's been a hell life for me, for my entire life, i've never taste the pure happiness. My parents divorce when i was little, and my mother marry another guy. Unfortunately, he's abusive and they ended up divorced. I live with my mother my whole life, i appreciate her so much. But we are not that close, i can't tell her all my issues, because she's not a good listener. I feel like i have no one, because i believe that even my friends won't understand my position.

It's hurting me, all my problems. I am getting older but i feel like there's nothing change since i was little.

I'm jealous to the people that enjoying their life so much, have a good and lovable family (esp when they're rich).

I have a lot of long term solution for my problems. But then again, i couldn't bear this pain anymore, i should've--at least--got short term solution to heal my depression. Any suggestions guys? Thanks :)

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Hi, I'm sorry you are so sad and not enjoying your life at the moment. Parents divorcing can be very traumatic, my parents divorced when I was 5 and my mother divorced my stepfather a few years ago so I went through it twice! do you have a good relationship with your dad? If you want to chat do you feel able to talk about what kind of problems you are having? Might be able to give some advice but you will always find kind, caring and compassionate people here.

I am so glad you found us midnightsunshine, and welcome to a group of people who can understand without judging, ....they understand. It's a great mix here, but bottom line is that it's a safe place to share. We are just like you, just all of us are at different levels and have more or less been around the block. First thing asked would be...have you a therapist, are you on meds and if not, have you looked at alternative treatments for depression if you prefer not to take medication. If you start reading posts here, you will find many answers and also be able to relate to others like yourself. Reaching out is the first step, and the learning and healing begins there. Welcome.

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