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How do I come off sertraline?

I've been on 25 mg for the past 3 years and been taking it in general for 6 years. I want to come off it now. I have my psychiatrist appointment today but don't want to tell him because he might do something in a way that will benefit him money-wise. Like telling me to come back in a few weeks when I don't have to. I usually go once every 2-3 months just to get my prescription forms from him and that's it. No serious session. So is there some method to slowly come off it instead of cold turkey ? Like make my dose once every 3 days or something?

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hi im not on these so I don't know the side effects but its not a good idea to go cold turkey.i would rather lower my dose for a few weeks to see how you felt.but you should always consult with your doctor.


Thank you for your reply. But too late I already went to my psychiatrist today and he told me specific instructions on how to slowly come off my dose. Since none of you were helpful(except you) I ended up telling him that I wanted to come off it. I was wrong to think that he would try to stop me from doing this so he doesn't lose a patient, he was very supportive of my decision.


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