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Anxiety and Depression continued


I thank everyone very much for their kindness. You have gotten me through the last two three days. You have been a lifeline. I appreciate your thoughtful suggestions and most importantly for sharing your experiences. Knowing that I am not alone means the world. An update on my situation: I saw my psychiatrist today. Besides the anxiety and panic disorder I relapsed back into a major depression. She adjusted my meds and added Rexulti. I am hoping that sun will shine sometime in the near future. I am desperate for even an inkling of joy, a little smile. Patience is key and it is most difficult when you’re suffering and all is dark. But I survived today. If I can survive each day, somehow, maybe I can make it. Thx for listening.

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Good to hear that you’re hanging in there. We are here for you. Be gentle with yourself. Just take it one day at a time. Rexulti has been a helpful add on for me. Hope it works for you. Take care.

Yes, patience is tough when you simply don't have any, and a minute seems like a year! It's just your brain playing tricks on you while it's still chemically unbalanced. Just keep moving forward, and you'll get there.

Thank you for that positive message. Patience is the key, and this group is a big help.

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