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This might not seem like a big deal but to me it is, expanding my safe place


Currently laying on a blanket on the grass at the park with my big furry baby spidey, i brought snacks, a little radio and a book. This feels good. Im outside like regular people. I feel normal

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Good for you! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter hun


You're kicking agoraphobia's butt step by step

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

You know it!!! 💪💪💪👊👊

Absolutely great, relax and enjoy the day :-) xxxx

The day was awesome 😊 happy Easter

That's such wonderful news!! So so happy for you 🤣 Happy Easter to you

💙 thanks hun happy Easter

Wow🌻❣ Sounds like you 2 had an awesome afternoon. 🌞 Hope you had a beautiful time .... hun your totally kicking agoraphobia's butt. Big big hugs💖💕💖 And love to Spidey too. 🐶

We had a great day today Mel, hope everything's great on your end

Sounds amazing, well done x

Thank you 😊

Bravo!! Inspires me big time. 🐦🐵🐰🐑🐸🐧

😁💪 thank you

that is so neat. look up at the sky and enjoy it. I'm so happy jealous for u.

It definitely was one of the good days :)

You are out in nature and that makes people feel good. Congratulations for taking this step. Happy Easter and God bless you.

Thanks sweetie and happy Easter 😊


Happy Easter

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Happy Easter Edward

Good for you! You are just making leaps and bounds improvements! That’s awesome! You will have a life full of joy and blessings ahead of you! ❤️

A spider??

🤔 what? Spidey is my dog, it's short for Spiderman

Oohhh....I thought you had a pet Spider

I probably would start screaming and run if i saw a spider

Hi Danielle. Spidey needs you. Remember when u were at the park. it was a good day! Hope u are ok. everyone here is worried for you. pls respond. we love you.

Hello CallmeDanielle. Thinking about you n Spidey. Hope you are doing ok. warm hugs and lots of love your way. !!

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