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Wising I was a senior citizen

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Took the needs assessment, spot on. I need more independence. Is it wrong for me to wish I was old enough to live in one of those senior communities? I would have all sorts of things to do while everyone was busy during the day, transportation, and people

Pipe dream.

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I was looking through the options under my avatar and there was one titled your needs. When I clicked on it it asked me to take an assessment and I figured why not.

Can you tell me how you found it? On your profile or ?

I clicked on my avatar in the corner and the fourth or so option down said your needs. I clicked on that and it asked if I wanted to take the assessment.

You are not alone. I've had this thought more than once.

Can I as how old are you? Each moment of life has their own nice and ugly things. Remember you have the control of your life. Enjoy the freedom to try to make your dreams come true. When you get older and tired, then you'll enjoy the senior community.

I hope you have a nice day.

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