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Nausea with Anxiety

Hi there! So, I recently got out of a relationship with a person who I now know is a narcissist. I’ve been doing some reading on the subject and a friend recommended a great book that is helping me gain back some confidence and help me understand what I went through. I haven’t gotten to the how to heal part yet which I think will help with the anxiety I am experiencing right now but currently I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the information; knowing that he did these things to me, took advantage of my empathy, sensitivity, and even the fact that I have anxiety bc it was even easier for him to make me out to be the crazy one.

I am experiencing waves of anger followed by sadness and anxiety about what he might do if I speak out about him or even just go about living my life(for a narcissist, the hardest blow to them is their victim thriving without them). We have a lot of mutual friends and he is somewhat of a prominent figure in our community. He has moved away but our community stretches all over the US so I still am exposed to him via social media and he is able to kinda keeps tabs on me that way as well. This is disrupting my ability to move forward and I am feeling somewhat isolated which is just exacerbating my anxiety. Since Friday I have been experiencing a constant underlying feeling a nausea. I don’t actually get sick like I have in a full blown attack but it is making it difficult to eat and really focus on anything bc I just feel ill. It just doesn’t go away, it’s all day.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, any recommendations on what may help?

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