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Panic attacks at school


I've been having panic attacks during class and I can't focus. My friends try to talk to me but I just ignore them. My social studies teacher isn't helping me either. He told us we had a test on the material we just learned about the day before. I studied all of that night. The next day, he tells us he moved it to Monday. I looked up ways to help online, but they didn't have long-term relief. They would work for five minutes and then I would revert back to square one. I am open to any tips. Thanks!

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Sorry your having such a tough time in school, it's always hard to deal with sometimes, If your going through anxiety, there are tons of posts here from people who have lots of great ways to help with what they do for their anxiety, try to read through some and hopefully you'll get some good tips..

Hi I looked back at your previous posts to get a better idea what the problems are and did notice that whilst you received replies to all of them you didn't come in and acknowledge any of them? Did you see the replies you got? It's quite disheartening trying to help and answer posts without ever getting any feedback.

If you come back in on this post I will try and help but not otherwise I'm afraid. Hope to hear from you. x

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I couldn't look at my past posts because my life has been hectic. I'll try to look back at my older posts and respond back to the many people that have helped me.

Panic attacks are a sign that you need medical treatment. Do yourself a favor and get an appointment ASAP. I'm not a doctor, but I know from experience that this will NOT magically go away by itself. It needs to be treated. Don't be afraid that your friends will abandon you. If they are mature people, if they are friends worth having, they will understand. Many millions of people in this country suffer from anxiety and depression. You have plenty of company.

EMDR helped me tremendously. You can find a counselor who can help you or look on the VA website how it is administered and use the videos on youtube. In a nutshell, you look at a moving object that is moving horizontally while thinking of what is bothering you. you may go through the feelings while this is happening- let them come and keep moving your eyes, unless it is much too overwhelming that you need to stop. After about 10 minutes of this, repeat as you say positive, uplifting statements about your situation. I hope this helps.

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