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Need some advice

So tonight I told a friend I would go to a concert with them. I’ve been blowing this person off for months. Mostly because when I got out of the hospital in January, the first thing he said was “are you still smoking pot.” That made me really mad and hurt. A few months before I was in the hospital he had ghosted me a bit and I confronted him about it. I told him I valued him as a friend and missed having him be around. His response was basically “idk what happened. I’m busy.”

He invited me to a concert tonight and I think it’s time for me to confront him. I kind of wanted to start the conversation by admitting that what he said hurt me and it’s been a very difficult past few months and I needed space.

I think I’ve been avoiding him and making it into a much scarier situation than it really is. So I’m not sure if I should protect myself and cancel plans again. Or if I should confront this and go tonight. Help!

I also already canceled a dr appt today because I didn’t feel like I was ready to talk about the sexual assault that happened to me. Today feels like a day of a lot of not pleasant things

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Hi whether you choose to confront or ignore depends on if you wish to remain friends with this person and think the friendship is worth sorting out the situation.

If you think it is not then why bother? x

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Hi Comb,

I think that whether you or not you go tonight depends on whether or not you wish to remain friends with this person. If you think this person is worth your time and will be a supportive and understanding friend, then I say go and have a mature conversation with him. But so many people do not want to deal with anyone who have complicated lives, so I would ask myself if this person is someone who will stick it out and actually help me instead of making me feel badly about myself. I hope this helps!

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