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Hair in throat feeling

Hey guys I'm back with this hair in throat feeling, its a scary feeling...I have had it for like 3 weeks or so and it seems to be getting worse. I talked to my therapist about this and she said to find solutions for it but there really isn't any solution to this that i know of. The feeling used to be in the back of my throat but now its on my tongue...worse i know! has anyone else had this feeling, i think its related to OCD, because i get feelings in my mouth of things that aren't even there. It really scares me idk what to do. i had therapy yesterday and i don't want this dumb feeling to hurt or kill me. i don't think i need to go to a doctor about it because i know its anxiety but its scary, i find as i get super super distracted it goes away but then it comes back because the feeling is still there. can someone give me advice?

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Dear pink. I have a similar problem with my tongue.when stressed I rub it on the back of my teeth to the point where my tongue is raw. Sometimes I can put gum, a cough drop or even a small orthopedic rubber band in my mouth. This focuses my mind on that object rather than the scary feeling. Also try 5 slow deep breaths. Hoe this helps. You are not alone.

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Thanks so much for the advice, is not a good feeling !


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