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I constantly feel heavy. Especially at work. What can i do to get rid of this heavy feeling. Night before last i feel like I relapsed because I started banging my head on the wall and throwing stuff again.... I'm so tired of every little thing getting under my skin. I want to be mentally okay again. I'm tired of feeling crazy or a burden to the people around me. I've been having these urges to call my grandma and then when it immediately hits me that shes gone, i just lose it. I want my life back. I want to be able to dress up like i used to. Apply make up or at least lashes. People keep saying "your grandma would not want to see you like this" which i know. But that doesnt stop me from feeling like this. I wish I could have her back and I'm aware that I cant. I just want this anxiety/heavy feeling to go away.

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Dear Tyler, go ahead and talk to your grandmother! Rather than get angry and throw things, sit down, breathe deep and have a conversation with her. I know the feeling of heavy. When I feel that way I imagine that I have a string on top of my head that I can pull up. It makes me feel lighter.

Do not feel alone, your grandmother is always there for you in spirit. Just believe that. Your joy for life will return. Ask her to help you lighten up.


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