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Never ending depression

Hi everyone,

I am writing here because I cannot afford insurance nor therapies and I hope I can find someone who can help with a tip or anything really.

I feel like I am losing this battle with depression. It doesn't seem to get better and it's been days now that I am unable to "snap" out of it. I've been dealing with depression my whole life but lately it got to a whole new level. I just simply don't have any desire to live or continue. I am so done and tired and breaking down. My mind keeps running to this place of helplessness and the only solution that gives a slightest of hope from this suffering is dying. I feel so ashamed to feel this way but I feel like I can't fight it anymore. Tomorrow is my birthday and I absolutely can't stand the fact that it's another year that I am living. I am so defeated. I just want to disappear.

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Hi there. So sorry you are struggling and discouraged. I have struggled with the same feelings often. Some of the tools other then therapy and medication that I have used in my life include;

1. Exercise

2. Creating and building friendships so that I have a social life and don't get stuck in my own mind in the negative cycles. I know this is hard, depression often makes us want to isolate so I struggle with this.

Think about ways that you can help other people who are less fortunate than you. I find that getting my mind off myself and my own problems goes so far and helping me feel better. Invite an older neighbor over for dinner, serve at a homeless shelter, etc

3. Check out the podcast "the hilarious world of depression. "I have been enjoying that lately.

4. When you're stuck in a negative thought/feeling cycle, get out and do something.

There are days when I find it hard to get out of bed, and if my kids are at school, husband is taking care of them, or I have the luxury I do stay in bed and I watch a TV show or movie to get my mind off of the terrible feelings. Or listen to an audiobook. It's frustrating because I know that "feelings "are more about chemical in balance and brain issues but it still feels very real.

Sending love and prayers for you to find hope in this struggle called life. You are precious, you are valuable.


My Birthday was Saturday and I completely understand how you feel. The advice erin_c gave seems terrific. I am going to try and take her advice myself. Please hang in there. We Pisces are very sensitive people. Happy Birthday from one fish to another. Xoxo

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