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Hey guys!

I had reflux early february and it was quite bad. I had it for about like 2-3 weeks and it was basically really stressful trying to find meals that weren't acidic, spicy, too fatty or had dairy in them. After a while I started eating a bit less and sticking to softer foods, then one night it "felt" like I got some chicken nugget stuck in my throat. It was scratchy and annoying and really bothersome. I went to the doctors and of course nothing was there.

Since then my throat and mouth hasn't been the same. Constantly feels like a lump or something stuck, feels sore and sometimes feels like there's hair in my throat, my throat feels closed up and recently my jaw has even started aching. I've seen the doctor numerous times, been to an ENT and other specialists and had heaps of tests, even been to hospital after working myself into a state and still nothing can be found. They've put it down to globus caused by anxiety and stress but lately it's gotten so bad that, similar to you, im living off liquids. Whether it's sustagen or up and go or a smoothie, I feel like I can't get solids down and the thought of it scares me.

I use to be such a good eater and im losing a heap of weight. This is easily ruining my life and it's the hardest thing I've ever been through. However it was somewhat reassuring reading this and knowing im not alone. I feel honestly crazy and cannot understand how I've bought all of this on myself. All I want is to go back to normal and be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I managed to get some blended up porridge down the other day but had to walk around whilst doing so so I didn't focus on my swallowing. Today I tried some mushed up poached egg and couldn't even finish because it felt like it was all stuck.

If you've got anymore recent tips Id really love to know because this is ruining me!!

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I went through a period of anorexia because I got sick every time I I stopped eating. It will help immeasurably to get your anxiety under control. After I started getting mine closer to being under control I was able to start with liquids and smoothies. Eventually I worked my way back to solid foods. I would also recommend a long acting anti acid if you can get it down.

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