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Fat 😣

Hey everyone... I’ve been feeling so depressed as of late, I just feel so ugly... even though my boyfriend still loves me and my life has been going in the right direction I just can’t help but feel so ugly and fat.... I am trying to stay positive and I just get these moments when I’m all by myself and the thoughts invade my head. Just needed to come and vent and get this off my chest.

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Your boyfriend accepts you for who you are


work on what is good in your life, and that seems to be pretty much everything except your concept of your self image. Sometimes we need professional help to sort that out. I will tell you this, concentrate on how lucky you are to have all those things, and work on stopping yourself from concentrating on what you don't have worked out yet, which is your self-esteem. Your boyfriend wouldn't love you if he didn't except you for who you are, so that's your first thing to accept.

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