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Why do I lay in bed and let the anxiety build?

I love my job but I dislike working. I have to work though. I believe working pushes me towards my goals. However, they seem so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I’d rather build an earth ship and live off the land; not calculate numbers and check in at a certain time. I’m empowered when I’m at work but waking up on Mondays bring so much anxiety to go to a place I love. I work for a caring doctor who is not demanding. I get performance anxiety and I know I’m good at my job; even got a raise and promotion after 30 days. I gotta get this anxiety out of my system. It feels like my body and mind will just shut down. I cry and it helps a little. But I just get up and face the music. I just wanna scream. There’s so much anxiety in me.

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So sorry you are having so much trouble getting out of bed this morning. Anxiety makes the simplest of things so difficult. You are good at your job - the raise proves it, even though the anxiety causes you to doubt it. And I bet you find a way to help people through your work. Acts of kindness, although small, give life meaning.

Anxiety is often worse in the morning. I hope things improve for you as the day goes on.

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