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A rough week of being with my thoughts

I’m starting to think I’m just like my mom. She is Bipolar with manic depression. I feel like a few good weeks and now I’m back to where I was before thinking my husband doesn’t love me and feeling completely alone even when he is home. I feel like an after thought to everyone. I moved away from home almost 10 years ago and if I don’t go visit my family they would never see me. I feel one sided in my relationships. I feel distant

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So sorry you are feeling so alone right now. We have all been there. It sounds like you are aware that your depression can make you feel you are alone when you really are not. Can you reach out to your husband or give your family a call? Take good care of yourself today and keep posting.


I'm sorry you feel so isolated, even in a room full of people you can feel alone, but your not. I would ask if you have been to a therapist to see what's going on with you emotionally, I know my depression runs in the family, for generations, but don't know about bi-polar. It's worth getting some peace of mind as to why your feeling the way you do, and maybe getting some help.


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