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Need advice!

Hey everyone, my name is Matt, i have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for many years and lately I have been paralyzed by fear and anxiety, I quit my job because I just couldn't handle the stress, now I feel like my life is falling apart and I don't have the strength to put it back together,its a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning, I am currently in therapy and on medication but neither seems to be helping, I don't know what to do, if anyone has any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Matt, I’m Joe. I too have depression and anxiety. I also quit my last job due to my anxiety. Like you, it was paralyzing. I was unable to sleep or eat. I spoke to my psychiatrist and explained what was going on. He adjusted and added more medication. So maybe talk to your psychiatrist and explain what’s going on and explain what has been happening. Also explain that you had to quit your job due to the anxiety.


Hello fellow sufferer, you have my empathy. I agree with Mohawk. I have battled depression on and off all my life (I am 75). I just came out of the hospital, 2nd trip in in 7 months!!! From all my learning ( I read, read, read) I say find yourself a Good Qualified psychiatrist, that also does talk therapy. If you have "junk" in your thoughts, talk with a qualified Therapist. For myself therapy was Great. The Psychiatrist who knows about the workings of the brain, he sorted out my brain chemistry, that plays tricks on me, I built up a tolerance to antidepressants, was figured out I am Bi-Polar, so we are playing Russian Pill Roulette now. It is a bit up and down, and the side effects are not fun, but I am on the right road. I do not roll over I am a tough old bat, and intend to enjoy my life, so I know you can to. And no it will not be easy, but we will stick together. If you have a friend or family member that understand, let them help you emotionally, do not just tell anyone, there is still to much of a stigma attached to mental health. You need love & comfort. Find a support group if you can. Wish I could give you some pearls of wisdom, but I will send you, Love, Peace and Big Hugs. Sprinkle l

Let us know how you are coping, we care.


Hi frnd,the first thing is that you r not paralyzed by anything. Paralysis is more severe .What you have is depression and anxiety.You need the right Medicine that works for u.I am sure that if you stick long enough to a medication ,it will definitely help you.

First find the treatment , then find the job, everything will be alright. I guarantee.

Take care


Through my many years of dealing with anxiety and depression I would say you need to get the correct diagnosis. You should go to see more than 1 psychiatrist to determine what kind of depression you have. I thought for many years I didn't have depression and that it was just Generalized Anxiety Disorder that was the main cause. I was wrong and I saw many psychiatrists who just kept prescribing me pills and I still wasn't getting better. I finally got an MRI done of my brain to find out if anything was physically off. Results came back negative but, I realized that when I went through the MRI I actually felt calm and didn't have any anxiety with it. Even though I tried to produce anxiety so the DR's could see something is off in my brain but, all I felt was calmness. I investigated that and found out that the electro magnetic fields from the MRI is what was making me calm. That lead to me researching and finding TMS. It completely changed me and was the best treatment I have ever had. I don't know what level you are on the depression scale and thats what needs to be determined. If your depression is low therapy and meds should work for you. If you have major depression you need to look at TMS. Hope this helps.


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