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Okay so yesterday my mom said i had short term memory loss in middle school and now its starting to scare the crap out of me i know i never had a good memory but when people say i don't have a good memory makes me upset and makes me scared. Sometimes when people ask me what i did over the weekend i can't even remember that because i am not aware someone was going to ask me otherwise i would probably remember? is this all normal? anyone else suffer from short term memory loss and can it go away? because apparently mind has gotten better but people say as you age your memory gets worse I'm only 18 and scared to death that i won't remember anything I'm supposed to. its so hard learning new things.

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Ginkgo biloba, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin E are reported to help with memory. I think knowing is causing you to worry and look for examples of the extreme. How about the times you do remember? You can try doing puzzles to exercise your brain as well or reading. I find with reading, you have to remember what happened a few pages ago. So, it’s like exercising your short term memory. I’m no expert but it makes some sense to me.


I noticed something about myself. As my anxiety got worst my memory too and I have a hard time learning new things. It's strange Because when I was going to school I was top three and I could memorize pages. My mom tells me that I say one thing and I can't remember. My memories from when I was younger are gone because I can't remember or can't seem to find the good. But I do have good memory for the bad. I feel what you are go In through and I'm 32.

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