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I don’t feel the same anymore .I used to hang out with friends and family but it’s not like that . I am not how I used to be .Im no longer happy , always sad. Im trying to find a job and it’s getting me no where. Also Went through a very bad breakup . around the same time I had to go to my grandma and uncles funeral . Someone I think of suicide . It’s too much

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Queri in reply to Hidden

Since last year I was doing great in school until financial issues came up and I couldn’t go back until I had the money so I felt like giving up nothing was going the way I expected

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Queri in reply to Hidden

It’s not really the financial thing .... I’m just not the same

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Thank you I will try

I really did

you are going through grief and loss, it's normal to feel sad and helpless. Try to find a group or therapist to help you through this, it's very serious when your bottoming out on you own, get some professional help. You don't just get over this stuff, sometimes we need help to get through it

I’m ok

I feel the same except i really don't have any friends and my life sucks i hate myself. I am looking for a job too.

pink83737 in reply to Vonnah

I’m on the same page

Hey this is normal to feel all of these things, you seem like you’ve been going through a pretty tough time, you need to make time to relax and unwind. Take some deep breaths, soak in the tub & meditate :) that always helps me when I’m stressed or feeling down. Maybe you should try checking your vitamin levels or get your thyroid checks you could be low on some vitamins! I recommend taking vitamin b6 and vitamin D

It’s hard really sad

Vonnah in reply to Queri

Well i'm here to let ya know your not alone, i promise. I will give you advice that others have given me that I've found quite helpful.

Try focusing on only what you 'can' control.

I really recommend speaking to and seeking a therapist. Talk to your primary doctor because they can easily refer you to a counseling place. It's okay to not be okay, but, please get the help you need. I'm glad that you at least is listening and noticing that your health isn't so good right now but that can and will get better😘❤💪

I can relate im always sad or mad and its not fare to my son.

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