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Fear of choking (I refuse to eat)

I have a really bad fear of choking so it makes it harder for me to eat along with the lump in my throat feeling and another feeling I get is that it always feels like there’s something stuck in my throat when I eat and when I don’t. It really is hard for me to eat when I have those feelings...I hate having this feeling when I am hungry. I rally and trying to eat I really am it’s so hard. What do I do!? I talked to my psychiatrist about it and she said it was okay and normal with anxiety, she also told me to eat soft foods which seemed to help one day but I had this feeling for a week straight and now I have it again and I’m scared I’m gonna have it for a week again!!! Has anyone else had this problem

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My mom does. She has lots of stress and when she eats she chokes and vomits. A gastroenterologist is currently treating her and hopefully she will get better soon.

Maybe try to drink some ensure when you cannot eat so you do not get weak and malnourished.

It may be just anxiety but you may want to check just in case. Good luck


I do not choke & vomit though which is a good sign. I’ve never had throat problems whatsoever until anxiety.


That is great then. I have bad anxiety and I always feel my throat, back and chest really tight. I think the muscles are tensed all the time with anxiety and we all react different to it.. pain, choking sensation, palpitations etc.


Do you think what I described is anxiety? Because I never had problems like this before my anxiety had started and I fear getting a camera put down my throat


I do think it is anxiety. The symptoms are so exhausting. I have constant chest and back pain. I even get spasms in my neck. I try to breath deeply when it is bad and get distracted.

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I have allot of anxiety ever day, I feel my arms and my legs going numb, I have this overwhelming feeling of being sick if I eat, so I have to force myself to eat sometimes which can be very hard, if I don't eat I get very weak and I just want to sleep all day, it's a hard cycle. Funny thing is when I don't have anxiety I can eat fine so I wud say it's the anxiety causing this.


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