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Hi everyone, I was going stay off the site and give everyone a break from reading my story today. But at least needed to vent for myself. Right now I'm alone as usual. Feeling defeated, I've been fighting these feelings all day telling myself that things are ok. Just deal with today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. And my favorite pray Serinity. There never were truer words written. I stayed awake all night last night. I've been getting these shakey feelings? Wondering if my anxeity is damaging my nervous system? I read that stress is dangerous, doctors tell you try not to stress? Do they even understand how devastating anxeity/depression is? To say don't stress? I'm in my 60's been diagnosed with diabetes, but have lost about 40 pounds. Because I can barely eat. I make an effort to drink water. I nibble to keep from getting myself weak. Thanks to everyone in this site for your SUPPORT means a lot. 😊

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You have to keep reminding yourself that anxiety can make you feel really lousy, but it won't kill you. Not letting things stress you is much easier said than done! Remember to be kind to yourself, make sure you eat something, I know when anxiety is high for me and I don't have an appetite, not eating tends to make it worse. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Claire, thanks for taking time out of your weekend to write. I just finished eating. Iam having financial issues like a lot of people. The thing is I look way ahead for the worse case senerios upsetting myself more. Then tell myself it's just money and more money can be made? But you know the way people who have anxeity think? We knock out the positive and go with the negative. I just took prescribed mediciation to help me sleep. That's my comfort zone. Thanks, take care


I am sorry you are going through a rough time. I think it is healthy to share your feelings and everyone here wants to listen so it is great that you decided to write. I am not sure how much can a person really understand anxiety unless they have experienced it. It takes a lot of compassion.

I really just wanted to tell you that I hear you and we are here for you even if it is just to listen 😊


Thank you for being such a compassionate person to take the time out of your weekend to write.

Trying to keep myself healthy cause this will make my situation worse? My God anxeity is a BEAST to tame? It gets a grip of you and doesn't let go.

I heard on TV a singer named Salena Ginez, don't know if you've heard of her? But turns out she suffers from anxeity too. But will be OK with having it for the rest of her LIFE!!! WHO would be OK with that life's sentence!!! She can because will never need to work and have people care for her. She needs to go back to her psychiatrist and get reevaluated. That sounds like someone who's given up? I'm not there, I keep fighting this all day everyday. Thanks for reading this, take care


Hi, dont feel alone or defeated. Its very hard just to recognize you are having issues with anxiety and working on them. I too get shaky and often when a panic attack takes over end up awake all night. Yes, stress can do terrible things to your body. My hair started falling out at one time doctor said stress related. Drinking water is a good start but try adding little bites of crackers, banana or whatever you enjoy eating. Sorry you are not doing well. I find most people don't understand anxiety. They think you can just make it go away. Try some hot tea this might for me the heat for some reason calms me. I hope you are feeling better soon.


Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to write me. I've also had some hair loss too. Just want this anxeity to STOP!!! The only time it does is when im sleeping. A doctor prescribed me some. I didn't yesterday don't want to rely on Meds. So I ended up awake all night.

I also have a I'll 89 mom who's in the hospital didn't look good for her? Hip fracture. And my siblings 8 of them are possibly going to get into it about my moms care? More stress, I'm staying out of that. Well thanks for listening. Take care

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