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Today has been very rough. I woke up crying first thing this morning. I tried to make myself get out and get some food and maybe do some shopping, but it was hard. My anxiety kicked in full throttle and I found myself running back into my car crying and not being able to breathe. I can’t believe I’ve ruined my relationship over this. What Can I do to get this under control? Please help

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Are you seeing a doctor or taking any meds? Anxiety is very sneaky. I take klonopin when needed and it helps when I go into full panic-anxiety mode. Look for breathing techniques as it can help to slow down and relax some. Good luck.. Stay strong


No I am not, I am hesitant to take meds. It has never been this bad before. But now I am afraid of everything. Anything that I cannot control just frightens me. I will try breathing when I start feeling this come on. I’ve heard a lot that it helps. Thank you so much!


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