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Introductory rant

This is my first time here, and I joined because I have so much stuck inside me i need to let it out somehow and hopefully get to read other people’s stories and know I am not alone. I have been battling with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember and it’s been hell. I was seeing a counselor in 2016 who suggested I might be bipolar, I didn’t want to hear that but it made so much sense, it explained a lot of my behavior and feelings. I just had a bad panic attack, which turned to self loathing, First time I hit myself and just felt like quitting, I hate all the anger and anxiety and rage that never goes away but just keeps building overtime, and honestly I am just TIRED.

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I know you're feeling i have bipolar disorder too you're not a alone i also have it on top of an anxiety disorder with fear and worrying about everything it's hard to stay out my head trust me it will get better bipolar disorder i been living with it since i was 5 years old I'm 27 now so it does get better don't give up it can rain but it can't rain forever there will be better days head☺


Thank you so much for responding! This encouraged me so much. Sorry for responding so late.

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Hi glad I can encourage you and hang in there and stay strong and take it easy.


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