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Panic Attacks are at there high

I have been having panic attacks for the last three days. They occur as soon as I am done with work and I am alone at home. I have tried all my usual tricks to try to calm myself but they aren't working. I do have some meds that I use as last resort but I can't shake the attacks. I feel so many little things in life start to overwhelm my brain when I am not busy and the panic attack hits. I have very physical issues when the panic hits. I throw up, I get diarrhea (sorry TMI), I get cold chills, I shake and often severe headaches and occasional faint. Anyone else have these type of symptoms while having a panic attack? If so, what do you do to get them under control? Thanks

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Hey...I'm sorry youre going through these awful attacks...Me too...I have just come down from one ...now shaking and cold...I was about to write a post when I read yours....I am also taking these attacks if I'm alone ...My son had gone to bed(its only us stay here) and I all of a sudden felt scared when I was sitting alone..I am also having these attacks in the morning when my son leaves to go out and I know again I,ll be alone...I sympathise with u...Ive been told by a Psychologist that it really is all about distraction of the mind and also breathing techniques...Do u ever use YouTube and use the videos about breathing for anxiety...they can be helpful :) I think we must maybe fear having a panic attack when alone but at the same time the fear is bringing one on..a vicious circle if u like...Hope u ok..Chat anytime :) x


Thanks for replying. I have not tried the videos yet. I will though anything at this point im willing to try. I also think u are correct about feeling like an attack will happen and therefore triggers one. It is a vicious cycle. I hope u find a solution. I did start playing solitary on my computer and that actually helps some. You can try it and see how ut works for you. I wish u the best.


Thanks GemBec...Good idea...I will try the game and hopefully it might stop my overthinking...:) I am still up at 3.15am here because my son is going out in the morning and I cant sleep for worrying....feel so stupid.....I hope the videos help u...:) x

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