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The everyday struggle of anxiety

I usually have a pretty good idea of what causes my anxiety, but I often have days when I can't figure out why I'm having it, and I feel so hopeless. The last few days have been especially hard. I often wake up with this feeling of worry in the morning for no apparent reason and always find it difficult to shake it the rest of the day. I have had a lot of physical symptoms the past few days. My neck is where I carry my anxiety physically, and the last few days I have been so sore. I'm wondering if my anxiety in the morning is because I'm usually worrying before I go to bed. It feels like every worry I've ever had resurfaces at night and I have trouble falling asleep. It just feels like a cycle that I can't break. Yes, I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder everyday. Some days are better than others, but some days I wish I could just have a break from it. From the worry, the fear, and the frustration.

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Am so sorry you are going through this. For me yes anxiety is always worse in the morning. I think it’s because you wake up from a state of sleep -where you weren’t thinking and anxious- to a state of -back to reality- atleast that’s what I think


Yeah, I think so too. Thanks for your reply.


Mornings can be pretty tough. A wise Dr once told me to get up, shower immediately, get OUT of the house. Get somewhere to distract yourself. I don’t always gwt this done, but when I do, it does work. And yes, you have to shower🤨 (for somepeople, that is really hard)

I hope today is a much better day!!!!


Yeah, I try to distract myself, but there's always this nagging sense of worry. People often tell me "Just think positive, and stop worrying." They have no idea how hard that is. I wish I could do that as easily as they seem too. Thank you for your response! :)


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