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Outside; Stone Face, Inside; Screaming at the Top of my Lungs

I really, really, really want to scream. I just feel so overwhelmed even though all I've been doing is just sitting. I have no appetite to eat but I do have a nibble or two and at least one meal a day. Over the years I have learned to live with my anxiety but recently I have depression. It's new to me. Dealing with it. Learning to live with it. I'm on anti-depressants at the moment and I think that is a step forward. I also have a counsellor I talk to and I'm slowly progressing. But, I'm much slower at things before. Less productive... and I think this is getting to me. There are certain decisions to be made that I can't seem to make and the more I think about it, the worst I get.

I suppose I just wanted to tell someone. Get it off my chest.

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Hello, I understand how you feel. I get overwhelmed too by little things and even when it seems to the outside world I have things in control. I go through times where I have to force myself to eat. I suffered depression my whole life but have developed some anxiety the past couple years. The anxiety is new to me. I couldn’t find anything to help for several years. No medicine was helping really. Finally got on a new med that is helping a little and hoping maybe increase in dosage will help more. I have a very hard time making even the smallest decisions and overwhelmed easily by bigger decisions. I’m here if you ever need someone to talk to.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I’m sorry you’re going through it. I’m here as well and I’ve got quite a bit of experience with anxiety, and there are some things I’ve done that can help. Will message you, if that’s okay! X

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