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In my head

my anxiety fragments me, sometimes I cant hold a conversion some time I cant ask questions in class sometimes my head fills with ideas that I just can get out sometimes I always think know one likes me even the people who are my friends but when my anxiety is lessened I'm a different person how doesn't care I can ask questions I can sleep I don't worry I know ill befine but iv been in my head and I try and I try be my anxiety wins and I walk in the halls at shcool and I think am I walking righ? sometimes the loudness macks me want to lock my self in a locker (that did not happen just saying) and cry or not I don't know its weird because I don't raelly know what I'm feeling even if you look back on my last posts youed see a defensin how I was righting. i don't know why I rough this posed i just don't feel like me

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I'm sorry you have to deal with this, it's so hard. I have had success with EMDR, it took away the thoughts that were "in my face" and in the forefront of my mind, and seemed to file them in the back of my brain somewhere, where I didn't have to think about them if I didn't want to. It quieted down my thinking so much that I was able to not only make better eye contact with people when talking, but felt like I could listen to them better and respond more normally. I was also able to feel neurologically relaxed, from head to toe, and it was amazing! I finally realized what it's like for other people, people who don't deal with anxiety and OCD. A well trained provider is key and the EMDR institute is a good source to find someone. HTH



Hey there Sly,

It's pretty common for us who suffer anxiety to get lost in our own head and our own thoughts. I think if you look at other posts on here, you will find others who talk about this. I read your other posts. You are a smart guy I think. It can be even harder for "smart" people. We think we can solve it if we just think about it hard enough, and find the answer. BELIEVE me, I have been there! (and sometimes still am there).

It's really good for you to come here and talk about it. I know from your first post, that it takes some effort to express yourself and type up your ideas. Doing it, though, can really help. So PROPS for doing it!

The other thing that will probably help you is finding someone that you can talk about this with face to face. Trying to handle anxiety alone is really hard. I've done it alone, and when being able to talk to someone. ALWAYS when I have someone to talk to who I really trust, it makes it easier. I promise you there is nothing fundamentally "wrong" with you. All people can have anxiety sometimes. Often it's because of some event in life that caught you off guard. A relationship, parents divorce, etc.. happens to all people of all ages!

So, very first thing... do not try to solve it alone!

Find someone you trust, and talk to them. Even if you don't know why, just share how you feel.

If you can find a school counselor, or a therapist, do that too! No shame here. These are people who understand anxiety and can help you work it out.

From your earlier posts, I know you have things you enjoy and are good at like "improv". That's amazing! Keep that going as well. Having anchors that are good and stable help.

Crying is actually OK too. I had a good cry recently, and felt better after.

Feel free to send a private message if you like, or want to ask anything. The people here actually read your posts, and we care, so keep posting! We want to help and to know how you are doing. :-)

P.S> I also see you have given this advice to other people... good! :-) I love that you even quoted stats in your response to them! Yer so right!! So, keep reaching out... and know that there are A LOT of people here who understand you!


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