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Facing Bankrupcy Court

Hi I had a couple of good days without anxiety. And now wondering if the years of anxiety had done damage to my nervous system? Some days I feel somewhat shakey?

Now where going into February, well February 21st is my court date for my Bankrupcy hearing. I didn't lie on the paperwork, no reason too. Everything's in black n white, you'd be stupid to try? Too much on the line at this time of my life. Be been beating myself up about how I let this happen? Im probably over thinking it like I do everything else because of my anxiety. And my mom is in the hospital now fighting for her Life, she's 89, many things wrong with her, I pray if god wants to take her? I'm good with that, but your never ready for a live one to die? The other thing now, is if my mom survives? There's going to be a fight about putting my mom in a Convelesant home? Not me I'm staying out of it. My sister had been caring for her and a brother who thinks she's get better care elsewhere? My sister has said she's not sure How she's going to Handel it If she comes home? So a lot going on, trying to keep my anxiety in check. Right now I feel shakey. Thanks to anyone who reads this.

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Your situation sounds very stressful, but it also sounds like you are being very strong and not giving up. I am sure someone here can comment on the shakiness as I have no such experience. As for the court, it sounds like you have done everything you can and been honest and upfront about the details. I hope it goes as well as it can go. You mention God, so I am guessing you ar ea believer and in that case, you can be proud that even if standing in front of him now, you can hold you head high and know that you were honest and did the best you could. I think that is very important and helps you go through this whatever happens. Life can be very tricky and unpredictable and all anyone can do is try to make the best of it and make decisions as we go. Sometimes those decisions take us in directions we did not intent, good or bad, and that's just the way life works. Maybe you could have done things differently, made other choices or taken some chances, but you are where you are now. No amount of thinking about the past is going to change anything. Everyone's journey is unique and the lessons we learn along the way are never wasted. You can only make the next decision and the next and do what you can to steer your life in a different direction. You also have the situation with your mother witch must be sad too. No, there is nothing to really prepare you for the departure of a loved one. My sister in law's mum had terminal cancer for over a year and we all knew that and prepared, but once it actually happened and she passed away, it was still a shock. I hope that you can support each other in the family, although it sounds a bit strenuous too. Just remember we are here to support you and to listen when you need us. We understand and we don't judge. Take Care x


Thank you for taking the time to write you sound like a compassionate person, God blessed with that trait. Your use name Dragon Tears, I have tears reading this, a good thing not hold things in.

I know things will go well in court just that people who have anxiety always look for things to go wrong ? I tell myself WHY? can't everything go right? It can, nothing's wrong, live for today.

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