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Anxiety/ new member to this community

Hello, I'm new here. I came across this community in hopes of finding an online support group of some sort. If anybody can give me more information about this community, I would appreciate it!

About me: I believe I have anxiety but I've only gone to the doctor about it once because he was very unhelpful. Everything gets me nervous ie. when somebody is 5 minutes late, when I don't do a perfect job at work, when I'm running 2 minutes late, etc. Sleep is a huge issue. Sometimes I just lay in bed with my eyes closed for hours but don't fall asleep. It's super frustrating. It's also hard to communicate to people I care about. It takes a while to explain something when I feel under pressure, I end up stuttering.

Welp, that's the jist of it. Thank you for reading!

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It sure does sound like you have something going on. I would try to find a new Dr., someone who understands! I'm here for you if you need to reach out and welcome to this site! XXX


Kiki welcome, I am new here too and I totally understand what you are going through. I myself have been dealing with this for over a week now but trying hard to pull out of it. I went to see a Dr the next day after the first anxiety spasm and I was given a small dosage of relaxer but it didnt really help. I just came back from seeing my actual Dr and she gave me a heavy anxiety prescription as well as a prescription to prevent ulcers since I am experiencing what you are experiencing, the "i cant eat" and all I feel is knots in my stomach. We could get through this! Try to see another Dr who truly understands you.


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