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Let’s help one another

So you know how damn depression/anxiety/ocd/intrusive thoughts- the way whole neurosis gang lol. You know how they tend to steal yourself from you?

Like in the midst of horrible depressive episode you forget what happiness feels like?

Or in the midst of a panic attack you forget what calmness feels like?

So what do you do to make you feel yourself and not the illness?

Here some of the stuff I do and please share what you do too.

1- Before going to bed every night I let a tape of my happy memories run through my head, for example I would say tonight I will think of that trip I had in Amsterdam and I just run it in my head and rejoice in it- it’s important to do it when you are calm not anxious.

2- I would open up my snapchat memories and go through very old photos and videos -videos of before the depressive episode set in.

3-I would run on with my head phones on and listen to old tracks that bring happy memories

4- I would re-watch a movie that I watched when I was feeling healthier

5- I would eat a dessert or a dish I used to enjoy before. It’s pancakes these days, they remind me of a happy time!

Those are my tricks, please share what you do

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Hey Tashalyn! Thanks for sharing! these are great things you do and now I am craving pancakes :)

For me, an escape from reality works. What I mean is I love fantasy books and history. I am fascinated my old myths and legends. I feel a special connection to forests, rivers and mists. When feeling like all the happiness has gone from the world, I do a number of things to take me away from here and now and into a world of old forests and fresh mountain springs, to the land of the elves and mysteries, magic and legends. I listen to Celtic music, calm serene harp or flute. If I am feeling more energetic I will watch a fantasy movie or read a book. I have taken to listening to audio books in bed. The I can turn my lights off and fall asleep in a different world. I also surround myself with things that remind me of that world, so that when I look around in my house I have little things that could fit into that other world. I have leather bound books in my shelf, I have a a dragon for a clock, an engraved wooden box on my table and my whole dining room is basically taken out of Victorian England. I light candles and make sure I have a nice spicy smell about the house, like incense or a diffuser. These things just take me away and give me peace for a while and make me happy. Quirky as it is...it works for me :)

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Also I am totally making pancakes tonight


Thank you thank you for sharing this! Am totally lighting candles tonight, isn’t it wonderful how small things can bring comfort?


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