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Back again

I thought I was strong enough not to come back here. I thought things were ok and that I would be ok. I broke up with the guy I love because all we could do was push each other away because of this stupid illness. So now I am alone again. And I want him to be so happy. I forgot about myself. I didn't think I would be back, but here I am. I needed to throw my thoughts into the universe. I do not need sympathy. I have depression. And I always will. It's time to hold my own hand.

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I believe that the first step to truly be happy is to love yourself. No, it’s not going to mean that you’re selfish. How can we expect to take care of other people of we don’t do the same to ourselves. I think that people like us who has depression and anxiety are too loving towards other people that we forget about ourselves. You can do this!

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I'm sorry your going through all that stuff. I know what it means to push away the ones you love, for me though it's because of my abandonment issues and not feeling I'm worth their love. I would find myself doing it and not understanding why. It took some counselling to understand. I do take meds now, and find myself not pushing away so much. I'm glad your sharing here.


Hey! I wouldn't see it as a weakness, coming back here. I think when life life throws lemons at you (if lemons were made of stone with spikes and poisonous tentacles that devour all light and shrink your soul into a wet patch under the foot of the monster called life...) you can revisit us and feel that you are not alone, we are still here like a strange Narnia :) I am sorry your relationship didn't hold up to the tidal-wave that depression and anxiety can be. I hope you can focus on yourself and you needs right now and do whatever it takes to glue yourself back together and find a new stronger you. Without sounding too cheesy, if possible, there was a quote of some kind that resonated with me...in China if a vase breaks it gets carefully glued together and displayed with the cracks very visible as it is believed that something that has broken and been mended has a higher value, has shown resilience and is loved enough to be carefully mended. They never try to cover the cracks. I think this is so true for all of us on here and everyone else too. We are worth being mended and loved. Big Hugs xx


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