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Finding what works for you

Greetings to all who have depression-Anxiety related health challenges. I will be turning 55 this spring and have knowingly been aware of these conditions since mid to late teenage years.

I know more about these conditions than I care to admit but the reality is that education & support is key to managing these difficult illnesses.

Genetic predisposition to mood disorder is an obvious marker to understand along with early childhood experiences and family dysfunction.

For me growing up with five other brothers in the

1960 -70’s was a big party scene even at school.

After years of recreational drug experiences I came to my senses to put that life and people behind me. I was now 20 years old with a limited

Education and suffering PTSD from years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of

Old school European parents who were ill equipped to help guide/navigate Rebel teenagers.

Depression/Anxiety hit me hard after coming off street drugs and so here began my journey down this confusing lonely road. The stigma of MH issues has come along way in the last number of decades. I survived multiple hospitalizations some in locked Psych wards, countless doctors and medicines as well as a number of courses of

Ect treatments which have worked well for me in my lowest times. Only people that have traveled this emotional marathon will truly appreciate what it means to be able to find the hope and meaning needed to continue this life. Along the way I have met all types of people, some who totally understand and know the fight, others who mock and make lite of these issues and others who are frightened of even having a discussion about what goes on in the life of someone who suffers with MH issues.

My ongoing recovery has taken a multi faceted approach to keep me from giving up the fight.

I encourage anyone reading this to reach out to

Your local MH support groups, having Christian prayer & devotional time has benefitted me along with talking to others who have been in “the trenches”of this roller coaster ride.

Hope that I have encouraged some more of you

To share a snapshot of your journey to help others realize they/we are not alone in this.

..and please remember that we need to speak out about these health issues in order to help each other and remove barriers and the stigma Created by people’s attitudes & ignorance

Surrounding these real health challenges.

Blessgs from Dave in BC, Canada 🇨🇦

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Hi fellow human :) xx


Thanks for sharing Dave. Your post was very affirming. Take care.


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