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Feeling alone and unloved

So it's Friday nite and I'm sitting at home all by myself with no one to hang out with or to keep my company. I have this guy that I'm seeing but he works at at night so we don't get to spend tons of time together. He's a good guy and we have only been seeing each other for a month but hes been hurt from past experiences and wants to take things extremely slow (which I'm not used to). We always have a great time when we hang out and we txt everyday but I feel like it's not enough and it makes me feel like he's really not that interested. I don't know if that's the case or if he is just one of those people that's needs alot of alone time. I'm trying my best to be patient bc i really do enjoy our time together but when I'm feeling down like today its when I feel like i need someone the most (to make me feel like i matter). All i have are these repetative negative thoughts of how nobody wants to spend time with me, nobody likes me, i dont have any friends, nobody will go out of their way for me. These are really awful thoughts and feelings, i just want these thoughts and feelings to go away. I don't have many friends either and the ones I do have all have lives of their own, kids, husband, work full time and so on. And now that I'm writing this I think of what I would say to another person who was telling this story. I would tell them to not put their self worth in another persons actions or opinions. So how is it that i know this, yet have so much trouble practicing it???

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I know what you mean. People say things easily like, just forget it, or focus on yourself but its not that easy. But always know you are loved, no matter what happens know someone loves you. You are important, that's why you are here. First you need to love yourself then you can love others. I'm not saying you can't have a relationship but its hard to do two at once when one of them is hard. Have you told him how you feel? If he really loves you he would understand your feelings even though he may be scared. Don't lose hope.


Hi Priss,

Your post is very well written. You appear to be a rather intelligent person. Your ability to project what a reader would say about your story indicates to be that you have the ability to see yourself from afar. Yes, you shouldn’t put your self worth in your guy. And I have trouble believing all the “nobodies “ that you claim in your post. Obviously there is a lot in your past that bears on your current situation. I think if you haven’t done so yet, you should seek help from a professional counselor to help you develop a more positive attitude and begin to see yourself as the loving person you are. Hope this helps just a little.

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