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I feel so much shame

I lay here and can barely get the energy to type this. All i know is that I battle emotions everyday and tonight, they are overwhelming. I feel so alone. I feel like a huge burden to everyone I know. I feel so unimportant, stupid, and worthless. I try and reach out to people but then i get scared, and my anxiety kicks in and i worry I am annoying then. So i go back into my shell and cry alone. I feel despair. I feel empty. I dont know what to do with myself and i worry this will only get worse. I cant pin point an exact cause of all of this, I think it's just a number of many different things. But what's the meaning of it all? I just dont know. But this is the worst I have ever felt, and its scary.

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I hope you feel better. I admire your strength to express your feelings, I find it very hard expressing mine. I feel nervous and don't know how to put them into words. Feeling stupid, worthless and unimportant is not a good place to be. I'm sure you are not.


Please try to feed yourself some positive thoughts, You are worth it! I care for you, we should care for everyone! I'm here if you need to reach out. XXX


Thank you for sharing, I feel the same exact way, I feel like a failure to my family.


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