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Eating on Campus

I'm probably the pickiest eater in the world and it doesn't help that if I get sick from a food once I can't eat it ever again. So my choices of food on campus are slim and with my busy schedule this semester I've been so stressed out I've been making myself sick. I haven't been able to eat anything lately without getting sick, and I'm down to two meals a day. A meal for me is usually a banana and peanut butter. I feel sick all the time and it sucks. And I can't go out to meals with friends because I can't eat in public and it's super weird to just not eat at dinner. I'm just really frustrated and tired and I want to stop feeling sick all the time.

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Maybe you should consult a medical professional or therapist. When I’m depressed or anxious I don’t want to eat because I feel nauseous. Nothing tastes good. The depression and anxiety manifest themselves physically. Maybe that is what’s happening with you? Maybe reach out to free counseling on campus. That is how I was first diagnosed. And I need medicine to help me feel ok.


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