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Anxiety at almost 70

I haven't been out of bed for 2 days trying to deal with this bout of anxiety . Filed for bankruptcy at almost 70. I'm so disappointed with myself making these kinds of mistakes at my age. I try to do the right things, but can't seem to catch a Break. One of my kids is learning disabled, I feel guilty for that. She's not retared, but limited in life. So with that comes mistakes that she makes I feel responsible for. I have enabled her because of my guilt. She's on her thirties now, struggling financially. How do I get over the guilt?

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You know it will be a really great feeling when you pull out of this overwhelm.


I'm probably not the best person to give advice on this considering I'm younger and have yet to have to worry about financial issues. But reading your post I think you should be really proud of what you've done. Raising a child who is learning disabled is a huge challenge and it sounds like your child is pretty independent and well adapted despite financial issues which I'm sure most thirty year olds face at some point. I bet it's impossible to not worry about your kids, I never stop worrying about my family, but every person is going to make mistakes. As long as you are supportive and she knows that you are there then I think you're doing pretty good. Get out of bed and force yourself to take a walk or move around at least a little bit. I understand feeling safe in your bed but it really starts losing it's specialness after day number two.

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Thank you for your support and kind words. I'm crying as Iam reading this because it's SO hard to NOT feel guilty, as a matter of fact I found out that she sometime has played on that? I kind of knew that,. But ignored it. Your age doesn't matter, we ALL have knowledge to offer, our experiences are different. I welcomed it. My youngest daughter who doesn't have children , tried to tell me what I already knew. That just made me Mad. For me to get over my anxiety??? It's NOT that easy I told her. Like telling a person who's over weight to control their eating. . You can't bully someone into changing. Which is what she was doing, that's her style. I joined this site because friends that I have talk to me in the same way. I know people with anxiety are not easy to reason with. I know I've gone on too long. So again thank you.

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Hello, I tell my cats "Life is tough and then we die".. Sorry you have been taken advantage of, do not Blame yourself or waste time on Guilt. Be proud of who you are the the accomplishments you have made. DO Not listen to people who are ready to put you down or judge you. There used to be a great book by Jerold Jampolskie (spelling)", Say Goodby to Guilt", see if you can get a copy (try your local library. Guilt like most negative feelings is a waste of time and creates poor heath - as in worry. See if you can find a support group ( they are usually free or $5.00 per session. Check with your local mental health society. Sitting here trying to come up with other thoughts, go on line. I am not in good shape, got out of local "G" ward after 10 days and came down with a nasty infection. Hope you see this and it is of help to you. (Can you afford therapy?) Be good to PjRR, remember you cannot help someone else, until you get yourself well. Sending Love, Support, Courage and Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1.


Thank you for your support, I guess because I'm at a different time in my life and don't feel I have any control. through I know I'm the one who decides my Faith. Just feels that way? The guilty part comes from my childhood, my mother blame me for everything that went wrong so i try to perfect everything I do, and if it doesn't go right? I feel guilty for it. Espically when it comes to my kids. That's a BIG one for me, when things aren't good with them, I take responsibility for it and think where did I go wrong?

I'm alone most of the time. I've been praying almost daily for Gods help

I have a difficult time with eating. Lost like 40 pounds. I get told that's good...not so much because it's due to my anxeity. I've only had a couple of egg whites today.

Scared mostly worry about we're will I end up? Don't want to burden my kids, they should have their life to live. Thanks for writing PLEASE write me if you need to be heard take care


So I say to you I am 75, and you are 70? Time to grow up. Do not come here whining about your life, get on with sorting it out and living it. What you Mother did how many decades ago, FOR GET IT. What is the self torture with two egg whites a day. When I am in the pits of one of my ugly depressions - I do not eat - not self torture, Not hungry!!! Quit looking for someone or something to blame, take a long look in the mirror. Find a Therapist, go to a support group, quit feeling sorry for yourself. Enjoy what ever you have left in your life. As for Control, what a myth, most of us have little or No control in life. Like I said, grow up, go get some quality help, do not look for us to feel sorry for you, I certainly will not. Here is to your growth. You can do it - prove it. Sprinkle 1


WOW!!! First I'm not 70,

Secondly, not blaming anyone it was something I experienced. Anxeity is a disorder that hundreds of people suffer from including yourself sounds like???

Thirdly you sound like a BITTER/ANGRY person who's looks to LASH out at someone, which is WORSE when you should be speaking the persons/person whose made you feel this way???

I think you NEED therapy/Medication more than me? I'm not LASHING out at strangers.

YOU NEED to GROW UP, you don't know me to say that? You lack COMPASSION, seeing that you lack that, means you haven't grown up yet, even though your age says other wise???

You shouldn't be on this site speaking to people The way you do. This is a site to support each other. And say how they feel.


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