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Back to my i hate my life.


I just wanna drop everything and Dan disappear. This is my second week of work. And I'm not liking it. It's in a call center. Hearing the calls made my nerves go crazy and fell like my head was gonna explode.

The pay is decent it's not what I was making before. I'm thinking over and over. Im not gonna have enough money left for myself. I didn't realize how much debt I have. I just wanna stop paying for all my bills and not pay my car.

Agh I just wanna flee. All this debt is stressing me out.

I had been doing good and I'm just heading to the same.

I feel like a failure. And more alone than ever. 😢😢

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You are never alone my dear friend,

i wish i could tell you all the answers but all i can say is, give yourself some credit for what you are doing. Although it may not be easy, in the end will it be worth it? of course it will be! because your working hard for it. If there is anyone you could confide in then speak up.

sorry you had a rather rubbish day today, i hope tomorrow is better and brighter for you, don't forget to smile, Wishing you the best and sending hugs your way :)

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Appreciate your words.

I keep everything inside to myself. Because in the years all I have gotten has been judgement. And I also made the mistake to push away the people who actually care for me.

Thank you for your kind words.

I hear you. I’m on my 4th week in my new job. I feel alone a lot too. I want to run away and just disappear. But something is holding me here, making me go back every day.

If you’re going to work and bringing home a paycheck you aren’t a failure. If you hate your job that just makes you human.

Do you have temp agencies in your area? I did a lot of temp work between jobs. Usually office work but they can have all types of professions. Maybe you could find something better suited to your particular needs (if i worked in a call center I wouldn’t have lasted two days much less two weeks).

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I really haven't looked into temp agencies. Thanks for the advice.

It's really frustrating to go work 40 hrs a week and end up with 100.

I thought trying out something new work wise was gonna be fun. But now that i'm just listening to calls. My head is about to burst.

Im getting all anxious just thinking what's gonna happen when it's me all alone taking the calls.

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Check out the temp places. Just talk to them. I temped for one week sometimes and other times the temp job turned into a full time job.

It can’t be much worse than what you’re doing now.

My last job was in a call centre. I stayed over 5 years and hated every single day. I had to stay to get solvent and there was very little work in my area. It paid well too. Ok I am now solvent but more depressed than ever and cannot deal with even a very small amount of stress. The jury is out on whether it was worth it.

I hope you can find another job which is more to your taste. x


I hope so too. I just can't leave the job. Close to My taste if I don't know what I really like. I went to culinary school and that was a waste.

Difficult! I used to just try and make my mind a blank and go through on automatic pilot as much as possible. Sometimes this even worked. Try and see the good aspects of the job ie the money, close to home, nice people? Only 9-5 etc. Concentrate your energy and positivity on your private life and make sure you enjoy that as much as possible. x

You're going to be ok. Few people on the other end of the phone understand how difficult your position is mentally. You are doing what needs to be done to keep afloat with the finances in your life. It is what it is, and I try to always make my last call to a person from a call center to be: "I hope this is the most difficult call you have today." It most certainly not going to be, but it catches that one person off guard for one moment and then usually there is a laugh and a thank you. Hope one of the callers does that for you. :)

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