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Hopeless and scared

My last semester of undergrad starts tomorrow. I've been a little nervous about it but right now I am terrified. For the last 4 years my work and class schedule has been pretty consistent but this semester its completely different. I hate that everything isn't as consistent as it used to be and I hate how different everything feels. I feel sick to my stomach and I'm scared of what will happen after I graduate. I'm scared I won't be accepted into any grad school and I will be a failure. Since my schedule did not work out this semester I am now working 7 days a week. I'm scared to burn out. I am terrified of everything. I am going to leave for my appointment with my therapist in about 10 minutes and I am scared to not find parking since today is the first day of school and I'll miss my appointment. I just hope I'm able to figure this all out. Right now I feel like I am going to fuck up everything.

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Hi! I really hope you're therapist appointment went well! Asking for and getting help is a big deal, so props to you for doing that. Your feelings are very normal. You're going through a lot of changes and thinking about the future can be terrifying. But our fears don't predict the future. Be kind to yourself! Keep going to your therapist and working towards your goals. Wishing you the best!



I know exactly how you feel. I just started my last few classes of undergrad and have been through hell trying to turn in my grad school applications. I’m terrified of the future and going to a new school and moving to a new place. It’s scary. But from your reply on my other post, I think you will be okay. You have been strong enough to make it this far, you can make it the home stretch!


It's natural to feel anxiety at the beginning of a new semester with differnet classes, professors, and schedules, and also to have that "senior slump." A friend of mine told me I had the worst case he'd ever seen.

You are graduating and entering a new world of grad school or work, which is unsettling. It's stressful not to know what the future holds. Stress kicks off anxiety and depression.

It might help your anxiety to have a firm plan of what schools you are going to apply to. Write them down and the dates you send in applications. At the same time, you might want t scout out some jobs in your field. In a separate part of your notebook, write down jobs that interest you or that you apply to and the date. The more control you have, the better you'll feel.

Either way, you're going to need a good resume. Career Services can help you with that. That's their job. They can also help you figure out what you want to do next and if they can't help you with applications, they'll know who can.

This is an exciting, scary time of new beginnings. You can do it. If you're not on medication, you might want to consider something to take the edge off. Seven days a week is a lot. If you can possibly cut that back, I would.

This is a tremendous accomplishment on your part, and despite your anxiety, I hope you can feel proud of yourself for all your hard work and the brains it took to graduate! Congratulations!


How did your therapy appointment go? I remember feeling exactly the same at the start of each semester. I had crippling anxiety and depression, but somehow made it through. You can too! Just take it one day at a time and do the best you can. There are many pathways into grad school. You can do this!


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