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So I am new here-- my anxiety and depression is currently well/controlled, but my mother has just had what seems like a sudden onset of major depression and anxiety out of the blue. She just started meds with a psychiatrist and therapy with therapist from her primary doctor's office. That is good but her next appointment is not until Friday with doctor. I fear that leaves her without sleeping, eating or overcoming the racing thoughts for a long time. I have been able to take off work and be with her for a few days but must fly back today. I feel so helpless to just watch her suffer. She thinks she wont get better until she has shock treatments which she had once in the 70s (was successful). Other than prayer and being a good listener, how can I help?

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I'd call the crisis line in her community and ask for ideas. Maybe there is someone she can talk to on the phone or who can go check on her. Usually they know about all the resources that are out there.


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