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I didn't really know

Hi, I don't even know if I have depression but I've had several episodes of anxiety attack and I always feel down and sad, almost eveyday. I feel insecure and self-concious about myself, I'm weak to the words of others, I tend to overthink and strange but I like crying, it is almost a hobby. I tend to get nervous around people, even my friends told me i'm antisocial, it sure hurted my feelings but it got me wondering. I can't make difficult decisions and I always feel like I have to be perfect, I don't want to dissapoint anyone because I'm afraid of their stares and words when I fail at something. Everyone expect the best from me it's starting to pressure me too much that I end up failing everyone and myself.

Tell me am I having a depression? I don't to make my family worry about me if I told them I want to go to the hospital

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Having suffered from clinical depression since I was a teenager and only discovering what it was when I turned 45, I would say that you may very well be suffering from clinical depression. Tell your family what you are feeling and get help. Don't wait! There are things that can make you feel better, but you must take the first steps. Feel free to reply if you want to talk. I am very familiar with depression.


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