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My depression

So I have been off work since last June because of a co-workers abuse and harassment towards me. It triggered sever depression to the point of where I don't want to be apart of society any more. I got a dog to help and I love this dog she truly is a great companion. It has helped my mood but I don't ever want to back to work. I hate this corrupt society built on greed and stabbing your neighbor in the back to survive. How the elite can manipulate and control the society they allow us to live in. They plan and kill millions of people per year and we slave at work for what. To pay taxes to fund these criminals we call our government. And for what so the rich like the Bush family, the Royal family, the Trudeaus of this work to live like Kings on our back. The Royal family profited from German concentration camps from the 30s and 40s. Prescott Bush funded Hitler. And now the deep state controls the world and enslaves 3rd world countries to do the factory work our parents used to do for the same wage as they made in the 1950s. That the CEO of most factories make the yearly wage of the average still worker by lunch time the first day back to work in the new year. I hate this society. And it's not because I am poor I am well educated and had a well paying management job. I hate how this world is stacked against the average person.

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Call your doctor


Society needs people like you. How about being an activist?


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